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Leucadia is located on Highway 101 on the north San Diego County coast. Heading south out of Carlsbad, it is the first beach community you’ll encounter. Looking out from its scenic Grandview Beach, you can clearly see the tall smoke stacks of Carlsbad to the north. As one of 4 communities within the City of Encinitas incorporated together in 1986, Leucadia retains a special character as a “Sleepy Hollow” place. A surf shop on the highway greets you with a sign and announces your arrival in the town. Set within a row of shops, wander just beyond the sign to find a cute, yellow house with a cat in the yard, and antiques sold there. Travel further and you will find the heart of Leucadia, the post office and local market, plus a small hotel. Founded in 1885 by British immigrants, Leucadia means “sheltered paradise” in Greek and aptly describes this unique area of 6,250 residents. A mix of agriculture (the flower industry thrives here), residential and a few shops make this a highly desirable spot for those seeking a less hectic pace than California’s second largest city, San Diego, with its over 1 million people. That’s not to say that Leucadians are removed from city life. Many commute daily to jobs in San Diego which can take half an hour or so to get to. There is a train which conveniently passes through town and is bound for San Diego and Los Angeles. Leucadia State Beach is a small, rocky beach 11 acres in size and is fully utilized for swimming, surfing, fishing and picnicking. The beach access is via an improved trail at the foot of Leucadia Boulevard. On the maps, it’s “Leucadia State Beach,” but locals and surfers know it as Beacon’s.

Schools: Leucadia has been part of Encinitas since 1986 and lies within the Encinitas Union School District. Capri Elementary is one of nine elementary schools within the district and the nearest one to Leucadia. With high schools such as La Costa Canyon High School and San Dieguito Academy, as well as middle schools such as Oak Crest and Diegueno Middle Schools, Leucadia is one of the most desired school areas in San Diego County. As a beach community with young families, education is a top priority in Leucadia . There are also local community colleges nearby such as a campus of Mira Costa College, as well as extension class opportunities.

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